Plumbing and Drainage on New Commercial and Domestic Projects

Projects include: Sealy Australia head office & factory upgrade, Steeline doors refurbishment, McDonalds Restaurants McCafe rollout, Vapiano Australia Restaurants, Snap Fitness Gyms, School projects, Watpac and John Holland sites, Cafe Tenancy fitouts.

Medium to Large Projects

We also work in with several smaller builders on medium to large new multi million dollar houses and large scale renovations to existing houses.

We also have a maintenance division that caters for maintenance to plumbing and drainage of domestic and commercial properties, which include Hot water systems, Burst water pipes, Blocked Drains, Filters, Tanks, Garden taps etc, all things plumbing…

Services include:

Hot Water

All types including Solar, Heat pump, Gas, Dual energy systems, eg: Gas / Solarsolar
Installation of Hot Water Units

We can do the complete job for you:

  • Source the correct HWU for your situation
  • Site the new Hot water unit
  • Installation of new Hot water Unit
  • Commission the new Hot Water Unit
  • Submit Form 7 to BCC for inspection and approval of new Hot Water Unit
  • Remove old Hot Water Unit from site
  • Submit the “Renewable Energy Certificates” RECS application on your behalf and recieve the payment direct from the Goverenment so you are not out of pocket.
  • Provide the relevant paperwork for Federal Govt rebates and Qld Govt rebates. Unfortunatley we are not permitted to make application for these rebates on your behalf, only the home owner is required to make application.
  • Info on Renewable energy Hot Water

Blocked Drains 



Drain/Sewer clearing (electric eel), Diagnostic video. Construction/Repair to private house drains where required.

After an inspection of the faulty drains via the diagnostic video it is most times prudent to replace all or part of the private house drain that has been 9 times out of 10 infiltrated by tree roots. Another cause of drainage problems is the subsidance of the excavated ground around sewer pipes, or where sewer pipes pass through concrete house footings. There only needs to be the slightest movement in the ground around sewer pipes and the pipe will develop a crack, this allows tree roots to enter with ease and creates moisture around the house which can also promote white ants ….

Pictures show a clump of tree roots retrieved from a drain, as you can see once the tree roots get into the drainage pipes they run rampant.

Roofing and Guttering

New Metal Roofing and part roof replacements.

WE LOVE A CHALLENGE. If you have a roof leak that no one can fix give Mark Frawley Plumbing a ring, we will do our upmost to provide you with a solution that will stop your troublesome roof leaking.

New gutters installed and old gutters replaced. When we replace gutters we don’t throw a new section of gutter up replacing the existing rusty gutter, your gutter has rusted out for a reason and that generally is becuase the gutter is not falling correctly to the downpipes. When this occurs the water sits in the gutter and rust occurs. We remove the existing gutter and support brackets, we then use an old fashoined water level to determine the correct fall reqiured to drain your gutters to the downpipes. Another reason gutters on old houses hold water can be due to the house stumps sinking in a part of the house which lowers that particular section of guttering.


We also do work on Downpipes, Box gutters: new and replacements, Flashings and cappings etc…

Gas Work

Installation of Gas Appliances eg; Cooktops, Hot Water Units, BBQ points, LPG installations.